Tribute to my Father...

One of the many gifts you instilled in Elizabeth and me from the time we were kids was that family was important. Staying in touch, writing letters, calling home to Na-Na and learning that our siblings and extended family would one day be our best friends.

You were right. You gave me another sister, a brother and 4 uncles who have always treated me like a brother. Thank you.

You gave me direction, confidence, and motivation at times when I really needed it. You showed me that books could be listened to in the car instead of reading. That changed my life. You showed me that action wins over planning to act and that "strength does not come from physical capacity... it comes from an indomitable will"

Those talks we had were an investment... in your son.... Priceless knowledge that many men will never find. I share it when I can as you did. That knowledge and natural drive for sharing is present here on this website.